Linda Bee

Professional Decluttering Coach

Have you fallen into the trap of trying to organize your way out of clutter? We never succeed at organizing clutter. The answer is decluttering and then organizing. After that, maintenance is not nearly as daunting. As a decluttering coach I can guide you from an untidy, overflowing home to one that’s decluttered, organized, and manageable.

Time Management

Are you thinking that there are just not enough hours in the day to make any real progress? Let me show you that you can be successful even if you have a full time job or other responsibilities that seem to demand all of your time. I can guide you through the steps that can make a difference in your home.
I can help you see what's been keeping you stuck and how to make actual progress. I would love to work with you and focus on whatever you need to be successful.


Professional Decluttering Coach
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Masters in Management
Completed Sarah Mueller’s Decluttering School’s Professional Decluttering Coach Program
Decluttering Miracle Call Leader in Organize My Home Membership
Experienced in Online 1x1 Sessions
All Sessions Top-rated by Clients
Experienced in Group Coaching
Published Author
Specializing in Time Management

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